Watch export wholesale. Guvana Watch Industries Ltd. Established in 1981, has been manufacturing OEM watches under its own factory in Shenzhen, China for more than 35 years. Guvana specializes in analog watches, in classic styles in alloy, leather and plastic, exporting in bulk quantities for export to Central and South America, Central Asia and the Middle East. Guvana has the capability to manufacture all analog styles.   Guvana’s strength in OEM watches is foremost in its quality control. Whilst companies in China sacrifice quality in order to lower their price, Guvana has cut its margin without cutting quality. We work on low profit margins and larger quantities, maintaining the low price through strong relationships with parts suppliers. In the year 2000, Guvana achieved a record manufacturing up to 1 million pieces per month. To download the OEM watches catalogue, please click here. If your style of watch is not shown in our catalogue, please kindly send us pictures of the style and quantities you need. Our contact details can be found here. You can rest assured, with 33 years experience in this business, the manufacturing and quality control of your OEM watches will be 100% perfect.