Can I buy one piece or few pieces (10, 20 pcs) for sample?

We are a wholesaler of watches and our prices are very low. For this reason it is not possible to provide samples of only a few pieces. We sell in bulk quantities due to our extremely low price. Our minimum order is US$5,000. If you wish to know more about the prices, please contact us, providing all your company information and details of what you are looking for.


Why should I trust Guvana?

Guvana has solid and certified bank references with HSBC (the biggest bank in the world) as well as affiliations with different chambers of commerce in Hong Kong. To see this reference, please click the thumbnail below. The certificate number is denoted on the reference and this can be verified with HSBC.

Furthermore Guvana has absolutely no debt, owns properties in Hong Kong, and an excellent reputation in the marketplace. On several trading platforms, Guvana is again certified as 100% safe to deal with. Lastly the Guvana name is 33 years old, a company this old you can be confident dealing with because of its age, experience and reputation. If you need further re-assurance please do contact us. You may also wish to see more in the about section.


We want to start business with your company, how do we contact you?

Please email us on or by phone on +852-2745-4303. You can request for the Sales Manager, Nick Nandwani. Please tell us, i.e., Brand, Model No., Quantity required and your full company information, company name, address, phone/fax number etc. We will respond to you promptly.

Can you provide me related catalogs, price list?

Yes, we can provide you related catalogs on request.

What are the terms of payment?

We require payment by bank transfer (T/T) only. We do not accept credit cards, cash, personal checks or paypal. Furthermore, payment must be received into our bank account before the shipment of the merchandise.

What is the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) for your products?

As we are a wholesaler / distributor, the minimum order is US$5,000.